AORTA films makes experimental queer/feminist cinema for our impending post-human future. Led by creator/director Mahx Capacity, and performer/producers Parts Authority and Ginny Woolf, AORTA films seeks to create lusty, heartfelt content that disrupts boundaries and glitches desire. Working out of DIY and experimental performance contexts, they are interested in creating content that centers performers across a wide range of bodies, genders, races, and identities. They work collaboratively, prioritizing safe and enthusiastically consensual creative processes, and are obsessed with creating aesthetics and narratives that explode with destabilizing pleasure. 

Ginny, Parts, and Mahx have been creating together since 2012, when Parts proposed the idea of a Valentine's Day photoshoot in celebration of their friendship, bodies, and radical babeliness. The photoshoot became an annual tradition, growing each year in participants and scope, as the three grew more and more comfortable with being on both sides of the camera. In 2015, the team was invited to collaborate on the AOMC's ETLE Universe project, and created their first feature, The OH Files, which premiered as part of the project's Fall Festival in 2015 (more on the ETLE Universe here.) The OH Files is currently being distributed by PinkLabel.TV and, and at “Digital Genitals” from The OH Files has been screened at Milwaukee SHARE (Sexual Health And Relationship Education) and at the Wonderlust festival in Helsinki as part of "New Perspectives in Pornography," curated by Four Chambers' Vex Ashley, Choreoscope in Barcelona, and POP PORN 7 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

AORTA films uses Patreon, a community crowdfunding site, to fund the continued creation of their work, in addition to generous support from individual producers. This income gives AORTA films the ability to ensure that all parties involved are paid for their work, and allows the collective to think big and take creative risks as they grow. 

If you're interested in getting involved with AORTA films (in front of and/or behind the camera), please fill out this form so we can get to know you! Got questions? Email at and say hello!




Mahx Capacity

Mahx Capacity is the creative vision and direction behind AORTA films. She comes from an experimental performance background, and identifies as a queer, cis, white, able-bodied, fat, femme maker and performer. She is a maximalist through and through, and feels gleeful about getting to make porn with so many smart babes. Mahx has been featured as a speaker at Brooklyn College and on Tristan Taormino's Sex Out Loud Podcast. If she's not making porn, she's making performance work or making out. She loves to yell about expirimental art. You can find her current artist statement on pornography and performance at the bottom of this page.


Pronouns: they/them
Instagram: @MahxCapacity

Ginny Woolf

Ginny Woolf (performer, producer) is full of a powerful, self-obliterating fury. AORTA films' the OH files is her first feature. As a performer, Ginny is exploring her many-faceted answer to the question, "But do you have to be in front of the camera?" She is interested in power in film, on and off screen. She also loves bodies and nakedness and performing pleasure. Ginny wants to talk about sex. She wants to make the private public. She wants to participate in models of distribution that encourage fair pay and safe, supportive work environments. She wants the world to know that making (and watching) porn can be transcendent. Come to think of it, you probably already do.

Pronouns: she/her
Instagram: @ginnywoolfx

Parts Authority

Parts Authority (performer, producer) has always been a performer but is a newcomer to the world of porn. They claim credit for implementing the NSFWVDAY annual nude Valentine's Day photo shoot with Ginny Woolf and Mahx Capacity in 2012. 





Pronouns: they/them
Instagram: @call_me_PartsAuthority



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