Check out AORTA films' full collection of films and videos - trailers below, and full uncut videos available via the full access portion of our site. AORTA's films center queers of all genders and identities in lusty, dynamic scenes that blur the lines between art, erotica, porn, and expirimental aesthetics. As with all our work, these films are made under ethical working conditions via a collaborative creative process based on enthusiastic consent! We can't wait to share these with you, and to premiere a few brand new films in the near near future!

Runtime: 14:00

Shay Knox and Mahx Capacity are two of the hottest femmes we know. They nerd out about the complex joy of fat femme sex and identity over a juicy pomegranate, and then dive enthusiastically into fucking, fisting, and ferocious orgasms. These babes are eloquent, full of desire, and are generous enough to let us in on the big secret. Is it possible for porn to leave you both satiated and wanting more more more? With these two dreamy babes on screen, the answer is a resounding YES. 


Two Parts
Runtime: 8:14

 Get up close and personal with Parts Authority in this artsy short. 

In their first solo scene, Parts Authority sits for an intimate living portrait.  Parts finds a soft quiet pleasure as day turns to night.  Get up close and personal with their expressive face and and genitals in this artsy short.  


Internal Energy
Runtime: 12:00

AORTA loves a good match - when we met Shay Knox we knew how their joyful sadism would combine with the incomparable Erykah Ohms' incredible capacity. Internal energy is the energy of the whole, created by the positions and interactions of its parts; Knox bites, grabs and holds, inflicting intense sensation all over Ohms' body. She absorbs everything, and releases in beautiful vociferation.



Laying Brick
Runtime: 8:01

Pixie bombshell Toxic Shock takes the reigns in this scene as she tops the ready and willing Xposed Brick. Shock is packing-and Brick is asking. See these two switch things up in this austere pegging scene. Double the cock, double the fun. 


Runtime: 8:53

Femme Daddy Robyn Sparkles spanks and teases Ginny Woolf in a luminous grungy hallway before pulling her into the bathroom. Robyn kisses Ginny softly, shoving her against the wall, stripping and spanking her. Robyn makes sure to leave Ginny's thighs and ass beautifully bruised before taking her to the bathroom where they tie her up and fuck her against nuggets of bathroom-sharpie wisdom. 


Backstage Pass
Runtime: 14:40

Heartthrob daddies Im4ge Obj3ct and Robyn Sparkles take a backstage pass at Mahx Capacity and give her all they've got. Image and Robyn go backstage to find Mahx Capacity all femmed up and awaiting their arrival. As they push her into sub space with bites, slaps, and punches, Mahx tests her endurance, always eager for more. The threesome culminates in Mahx fucked and fisted with a heavy chain, splayed out across her leopard print coat as Im4ge and Robyn make her subby femme dreams come true.


Closing Time
Runtime: 14:05

Im4ge Obj3ct and Parts Authority are tasked with closing up the bar tonight but these two get a little carried away showing off their brawn and shrug their duties. Arm wrestling quickly turns into make outs and grappling. Image and Parts delight in a playful power struggle as they undress and pin each other to the bar floor and pool table with shrieks, chuckles and gasps. Who will win? Doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you play the game.


F*CKLAB: wet
Runtime: 11:44

In their first F*CKLAB film together, Erykah Ohms and Parts Authority get drenched in pure wetness.  Watch these two surprise each other with startling splashes and trickling streams resulting in laughter, playful revenge and soaking wet bedsheets.   Dripping wet make-outs dominate this game but when you're this wet, it's hard to resist a gushy orgasm.....


F*CKLAB: the interview
Runtime: 12:13

Sometimes constraint is the best release. In AORTA's first kink-only film, Ginny Woolf is joined by newcomer Kiki Hex for an intimate exploration of vulnerability via Shibari rope bondage. As Hex takes control, binding Ginny in an gorgeous rope-tie, Woolf lets you into her head. She bares her body and releases what's on her mind, leaving herself open and completely vulnerable.




F*CKLAB: the first time
Runtime: 10:47

In F*CKLAB's first live filming Bobbi B. Good puts Mahx Capacity in her place: subby, sweat-drenched, and begging for more. Shot in front of a live audience at expirimental performance-party AUNTS, this film captures many exciting firsts: both Mahx Capacity and Bobbi B. Good's first filmed performances, plus AORTA's first film produced as part of F*CKLAB. Bobbi leads Mahx into sweat-drenched subspace and Mahx does her best to please, begging for more as Bobbi leaves her radiantly exposed and aching for more. 



OH (extended)
Runtime: 17:45

OH (extended) presents the slow motion interludes from The OH Files in their full-length form: a single-take 17-minute shot of Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Xposed Brick, Erykah Ohms, and Toxic Shock gleefully rippling their bodies through space and time. Each body contains unfathomable amounts of information, energy, and desire. The suspension of time and weight unlocks something previously concealed by reality, and the viewer is invited to let themselves slip into a meditation of curves and ridges cutting through the fabric of space-time. Queer bodies come in and out of focus as ecstatic, undulating, momentous forces.



The OH Files / pornography from the ETLE Universe
Millk chugging, mylar, slow motion resonance, filling and being filled; these are just a few of the images that flood AORTA films’ first feature, The Oh Files, starring Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Erykah Ohms, Xposed Brick, and Toxic Shock. These shorts explore queer sexuality from the vantage point of the ETLE Universe, a queer/feminist cyborg time travel performance epic (

Let yourself be filled // let your future self do the filling.
Your future is coming.