AORTA films makes queer/feminist cinema
for our impending post-human future.

Lusty, opulent, ethical fuckery. 


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Ginny, Parts, and Mahx have been creating erotica together since 2012, when Parts proposed the idea of a Valentine's Day photoshoot in celebration of their friendship, bodies, and radical babeliness...

The photoshoot became an annual tradition, growing each year in participants and scope, as the three grew more and more comfortable with being on both sides of the camera. In 2015, the team was invited to collaborate on the AOMC's ETLE Universe project, and created their first feature, The OH Files, which premiered as part of the project's Fall Festival in 2015...


“I’m not too proud to snag a few ideas, but will probably stop short of milk-chugging or sex with my iPad.  I won’t let a crass term like “fisting” invade my scholarly tone (oops), but can report that the slap-audio was excellent."