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The OH Files

Millk chugging, mylar, slow motion resonance, filling and being filled; these are just a few of the images that flood AORTA films’ first feature, The Oh Files, starring Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Erykah Ohms, Xposed Brick, and Toxic Shock. Interspersed with bodies gleefully cutting through space in suspended time, these shorts explore queer sexuality from the vantage point of the ETLE Universe, a queer/feminist cyborg time travel performance epic (

Let yourself be filled // let your future self do the filling. 
Your future is coming.


The OH Files was AORTA films first feature, premiering in September 2015 as part of the ETLE Universe's Fall Premieres (Brooklyn.) It has been subsequently screened at Triskelion Arts (June 2016, Brooklyn), the Scottish Queer International Film Festival (November 2016, Glasgow), Sarah Lawrence College (April 2017, New York), and Pop Porn 7 (June 2017, Sao Paulo.) The OH Files is currently being distributed by AORTA films, the ETLE Universe, TrenchcoatX, and

The short "Digital Genitals" has been screened as part of the Milwaukee SHARE (Sexual Health and Relationship Education) (April 2016, Milwaukee) and the Wonderlust Film Festival as part of a screening curated by Vex Ashley of Four Chambers (June 2016, Helsinki). "Mylar Fucking," and "Let Yourself Be Filled" have been screened as part of a lecture for "The Politics of Sexuality" seminar at Brooklyn College (May 2016/2017, Brooklyn.)

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    Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Erykah Ohms, Xposed Brick, Toxic Shock

    Conceived and Directed
    by Mahx Capacity

    by Anonymous

    by Jacqueline Mary

    Original Score
    by Ashur Rayis

    Curated as part of the AOMC's ETLE Universe
    by 888ism.e

    by Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Rosie Deadpan, Bubble Tunnel, and SAS


      The OH Files is available as a full film, comprised of seven shorts interspersed with slow motion vignettes, or can be screened as individual short films. If screened individually, there are multiple options for screening, including as an individual section, multiple sections grouped with slow motion interludes, or as a group of unjoined selections. The seven shorts are:

      1ND3X (Begins at 00:06, Runtime 4:11)
      Every person has an ‘index’—it’s a collection of your highest density, most impactful memories, mapped on to the ridges and curves of your body. In 1ND3X, Parts Authority reveals theirs, creating wormholes through space and time to remember past lovers, sensations, and memories.



      MYLAR FUCKING (Begins at 05:04, Runtime 7:45)
      Toxic Shock and Erykah Ohms join Parts Authority in MYLAR FUCKING, a time-bending three-way, using hands and strap on cocks to bring each other to orgasm and open pathways to gently warping alternate realities.




      SOLO/DUO (Begins at 13:36, Runtime 3:36)
      In SOLO/DUO Xposed Brick’s daydreams bring Ginny Woolf into his voyeuristic slow-motion fantasy. As they fuck amidst the buoyancy of slow-motion ass undulations and red light, the weightless rhythm of their bodies find a pulse.




      DIGITAL GENITALS (Begins at 17:58, Runtime 4:09)
      Erykah Ohms and Toxic Shock take a lusty tumble into bed together in DIGITAL GENITALS, only to find that their parts are as transmutable as their desire. As they scroll through options, they begin to play and explore with their post-human techno-bodies. 




      AWKWARD EDGES (Begins at 23:01, Runtime 1:12)
      Porn is awkward. Sex is awkward. Sometimes we’re just like Toxic Shock and Xposed Brick: nothing but AWKWARD EDGES. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.



      LET YOURSELF BE FILLED (Begins at 25:02, Runtime 7:04)
      LET YOURSELF BE FILLED finds Toxic Shock and Erykah Ohms back together for an encore performance, this time armed with two hitachis as they simultaneously take Parts Authority’s fists in a climatic, screaming, power surge.




      MILLK BURLESQUE (Begins at 33:00, Runtime 4:03)
      Parts Authority, Erykah Ohms, and Ginny Woolf ceremonially edge us towards The OH Files’ climatic money shot in MILLK BURLESQUE. Honoring their cyborg sexualities with the consumption of MILLK (a white viscus substance used to fuel their post-human transition) the three begin to bend time with their erotic power, letting the wet, white viscosity flow freely forward, splashing down their bodies and dripping from their mouths.


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