WORLD PREMIERE of ( ) at the Invisible Dog Art Center
to Jan 6

WORLD PREMIERE of ( ) at the Invisible Dog Art Center

( )_BrokenGlassMenage.jpg

World Premiere:
( ) at the Invisible Dog Art Center

JANUARY 4–6, 2019
at The Invisible Dog Art Center
51 Bergen St., Brooklyn NY [map]

$10 suggested donation, tickets available here.

Friday January 4th @ 9pm
Saturday January 5th @ 7pm*
Sunday January 6th @2pm** and 7pm 

*Toast to follow performance / Play party (present) to follow toast
**Talkback with cast and crew to follow 2pm performance 

(  ) is an evening-length film created by queer/feminist porn collective AORTA films in collaboration with performance company the A.O. Movement Collective. Verbally pronounced “whole,” this feature length film seeks to explore the incredible potency of queer hedonism, specifically how the authentic performativity of kink and queer porn can evolve trauma into orgasm, and grief into politically radical, transformative, body-based joy. This work aims to negotiate pornographic embodiment as an anti-oppressive, trans-inclusive feminist practice rooted in femme caretaking and risk, and contextualizes itself as a choreographic process. ( ) investigates the complexity of pleasure, exploring the so-called obscenity of bodies in their most tremendous capacity—their glorious, illicit humanity.

At turns lush, humorous, sincere, erotic, joyful, and intense, ( ) forsakes traditional expectations of “porn” to create an unexpectedly textured landscape of desire. Amidst ecstatic water balloon fights, opulent feasts devoured without utensils, narrations of pleasure, lewd hand gestures, densely scored orgies, improvisational performance, and intense kink dynamics, ( ) proposes a new type of pornography: a world of queer sex that is at once surreally lush and intensely real. The film celebrates queer pleasure as a type of queer resistance, while inviting viewers of all identities towards their own human capacity for pleasure.

(  ) positions itself interstitially, between the margins of experimental live performance, queer/feminist pornography, and dancefilm. Filmed by Holyrad Studio and edited and colored by Lanee Bird with an original score composed by Ashur Rayis, the work features an interdisciplinary cast of performers—three dance performers, five adult performers, and two crossover performers who work in both fields. Created and directed by Mahx Capacity and choreographed by Sarah A.O. Rosner, the film was developed in collaboration with the performers, and through AORTA films’ “F*CKLAB” practice.

Create by AORTA films in collaboration with the A.O. Movement Collective
Director: Mahx Capacity

Starring: Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Erykah Ohms, Trouble Clef, The Shape, Special Guest, Shay Knox, Papi Femme, Evie Snax, and Alice the Wolfe

Cinematography: Holyrad Studio
Editor + Colorist: Lanee Bird
Director of Photography: Lanee Bird + Saskia de Borchgrave
Lighting Design: Daryl Oh
Composer: Wet Henry
Costume Consultant: Papi Femme

Commissioned by The Invisible Dog Art Center
Executive Producer: the Effing Foundation for Sex Positivity

This work was developed in part, during a residency at Snug Harbor Cultural Center Botanical Garden

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AORTA films @ POP PORN 7 Festival (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
10:30 AM10:30

AORTA films @ POP PORN 7 Festival (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

June 2017, dates TBD

AORTA films is thrilled to be showing three films as part of Brazil's POP PORN 7 Festival: The OH Files, OH (extended), and F*CKLAB: the first time! The festival will take place in June 2017. We're beyond thrilled to get to participate in such an exciting and groundbreaking festival - anyone want to fly us to Brazil so we can attend in person?

More info about the festival's previous years here on their website, and more info about this year's festival coming soon.


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The OH Files/OH (extended) at FLUID BOUND in Chicago
to Nov 26

The OH Files/OH (extended) at FLUID BOUND in Chicago

November 18-26
3219-21 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60607

Janice Bond
Daphne Chan
Andrea Coates
Sky Heyn Cubacub
Bob Faust
Corinne Halbert
Ashly McLoney
Klaus Pinter
Amanda Sukenick

AND AORTA films presenting OH (extended) starring
Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Erykah Ohms, Xposed Brick, Toxic Shock; Conceived, Edited, and Directed by Mahx Capacity; Filmed by Anonymous with music by Snakecharm

A special screening of The OH Files is TBA starring
Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Erykah Ohms, Xposed Brick, Toxic Shock; conceived and Directed by Mahx Capacity; Filmed
by Anonymous and edited by Jacqueline Mary with an original Score by Ashur Rayis

& others TBA

November 18, 6-10pm
$10 suggested donation // PWYC

Raffa Reuther
David Perales Albert
Sarah Heston, Luna Troop
Amanda Sukenick

Queer-theme handmade market
November 25 & 26, Noon-7pm

Erin Rose Design
Liquid Mosaic
Danielle Depersia, Younique
Amos Kennedy, Kennedy Prints
Kathy Dickhut
Janice Hovey
Jared Wisbrod, Chicago Candle Project
Stephany Colunga
Meg Boyland, Megboys Studio
Antidote Projects

Wolfbait & B-Girls
& others TBA

Sixty Inches From Center
Chicago Dancemaker's Forum
Links Hall
Audience Architects

A program of Movement Matters, the The Neo-Judson Project: Dance, Performance, Art, Politics & Philosophy and Bridge, a 501(c)(3) organization.

An investigative exhibition into viable ongoing frameworks for sex and gender identity, Fluid Bound reflects on the need for intersectionality beyond the masscult binary of LGBTQ and heteronormativity. Mainstream culture's insistence on binaries, and the oppositional states they engender, serves as a central pillar for propping up a narcissistically phobic, racist, classist, profoundly insular rape culture that at times erupts in acts of monstrous physical violence. Moreover, while any articulation of the antithesis to that culture clearly suggests the need for a movement beyond, for instance, merely dyadic forms of relationship commitment, this does not imply any arrogation or dismissal of the necessity for truth, consent and inclusivity. In fact, frameworks that fail to incorporate such respect for others cannot be considered substantively useful in any ongoing, meaningfully salutary dialogue on our evolving human condition. Incorporating works that address sex and identity that also expands these historical movements into economic, philosophical and political considerations, Fluid Bound interrogates the insufficient explanations that purely subjective polities offer for how the one become the many.

Press contact:
Michael Workman,

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OH (extended) screened at Choreoscope (Barcelona)
to Nov 13

OH (extended) screened at Choreoscope (Barcelona)

Saturday, November 12, 2016

AORTA films is thrilled to announce that OH (extended) will be screened as one of the films featured at the Closing Party for Choreoscope, the International Dance Film Festival of Barcelona! As part of the festival, the film will also be available for online purchase through the festival's channel on Filmin, a Netflix-like Spanish digital distribution site.  

More info at

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The OH Files Screened at the Scottish Queer International Film Festival!
9:00 PM21:00

The OH Files Screened at the Scottish Queer International Film Festival!

We're thrilled to have had The OH Files curated by Marie Lidén and Natalie McGowan for the Scottish Queer International Film Festival's Feminist Porn Night II Screening alongside legends like Damien Moreau, Vex Ashley, and James Darling!

Feminist Porn Night II

Round Two of SQIFF’s popular Feminist Porn Night features an exciting collection of films from a new generation of feminist pornographers, who continue to challenge sexual stereotypes and reshape norms of mainstream porn. We bring you a selection of groundbreaking work from the UK, USA, and France followed by a discussion with UK-based directors, Vex Ashley from Four Chambers, a collaborative DIY producer of porn, and Blath from indie project Foxclore.

Curated by artists Marie Lidén and Natalie McGowan and hosted by writer-producer-performer Emily Benita.

Full information on the event here.

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Screening: The OH Files + OH (extended)
8:00 PM20:00

Screening: The OH Files + OH (extended)

Triskelion Arts Presents

Screening: The OH Files + OH (extended)

At the Muriel Schulman Theater at Triskelion Arts
Tickets $12 advance* / $16 at the door
Doors open at 7:30, beer + popcorn for cheap!

Join AORTA films for a queer/feminist porn double-feature: a screening of The OH Files (2015) and OH (extended) (world premiere.) Come early for beer and popcorn and stay for a Q+A with Director Mahx Capacity and Performer/Producers Parts Authority and Ginny Woolf.

Millk chugging, mylar, filling and being filled; these images flood AORTA films’ first feature, The Oh Files, starring Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Erykah Ohms, Xposed Brick, and Toxic Shock. These shorts explore queer sexuality from the vantage point of the ETLE Universe, a queer/feminist cyborg time travel performance epic.

OH (extended) presents the slow motion interludes from The OH Files in their full-length form: a single-take 17-minute shot where queer bodies come in and out of focus as ecstatic, undulating, momentous forces. The suspension of time and weight unlocks what reality conceals, inviting the viewer into a meditation of curves and ridges cutting through the fabric of space-time.

*If the price of admission is prohibitive to you, please email us at and we'll find a way to get you in. We want you there with us!

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Digital Genitals screened at Wonderlust in Helsinki!
8:00 PM20:00

Digital Genitals screened at Wonderlust in Helsinki!

Wonderlust is a festival -5/6/2016 in Suvilahti, Helsinki celebrating diverse and conscious sexuality. Bringing together straights and queers, sex activists and curious neophytes, kinks and shy ones, Wonderlust serves as a hub for a diverse community. It also invites those, who haven’t considered being part of a sex festival before. In 2016, Vex Ashley will be starring Wonderlust.

New Perspectives in Pornography: Screening curated by Vex Ashley

Showcasing how, in today’s digital world, independent creators are subverting, expanding and pushing the boundaries of what porn is and can be.

With the fall of big porn budgets established companies are still repeating a tried and tested formula. The monopoly of the “free porn” tube sites has influenced our perspective of porn and often when people think ‘porn’ – their idea is limited to only of what is on the first page of a tube site. But with the growing accessibility of video equipment and the rise of communities on social media, independent, amateur and DIY creators who make and share porn are on the rise. They’re exploring relatively uncharted territory as porn is often considered to be synonymous with a lack of cultural value. From weird to cinematic to political or intensely personal, sex on film is being expanded and used in new ways demonstrating the potential for pornography as a medium for ideas, instead of only consumable product.

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