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The OH Files/OH (extended) at FLUID BOUND in Chicago

November 18-26
3219-21 S Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60607

Janice Bond
Daphne Chan
Andrea Coates
Sky Heyn Cubacub
Bob Faust
Corinne Halbert
Ashly McLoney
Klaus Pinter
Amanda Sukenick

AND AORTA films presenting OH (extended) starring
Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Erykah Ohms, Xposed Brick, Toxic Shock; Conceived, Edited, and Directed by Mahx Capacity; Filmed by Anonymous with music by Snakecharm

A special screening of The OH Files is TBA starring
Parts Authority, Ginny Woolf, Erykah Ohms, Xposed Brick, Toxic Shock; conceived and Directed by Mahx Capacity; Filmed
by Anonymous and edited by Jacqueline Mary with an original Score by Ashur Rayis

& others TBA

November 18, 6-10pm
$10 suggested donation // PWYC

Raffa Reuther
David Perales Albert
Sarah Heston, Luna Troop
Amanda Sukenick

Queer-theme handmade market
November 25 & 26, Noon-7pm

Erin Rose Design
Liquid Mosaic
Danielle Depersia, Younique
Amos Kennedy, Kennedy Prints
Kathy Dickhut
Janice Hovey
Jared Wisbrod, Chicago Candle Project
Stephany Colunga
Meg Boyland, Megboys Studio
Antidote Projects

Wolfbait & B-Girls
& others TBA

Sixty Inches From Center
Chicago Dancemaker's Forum
Links Hall
Audience Architects

A program of Movement Matters, the The Neo-Judson Project: Dance, Performance, Art, Politics & Philosophy and Bridge, a 501(c)(3) organization.

An investigative exhibition into viable ongoing frameworks for sex and gender identity, Fluid Bound reflects on the need for intersectionality beyond the masscult binary of LGBTQ and heteronormativity. Mainstream culture's insistence on binaries, and the oppositional states they engender, serves as a central pillar for propping up a narcissistically phobic, racist, classist, profoundly insular rape culture that at times erupts in acts of monstrous physical violence. Moreover, while any articulation of the antithesis to that culture clearly suggests the need for a movement beyond, for instance, merely dyadic forms of relationship commitment, this does not imply any arrogation or dismissal of the necessity for truth, consent and inclusivity. In fact, frameworks that fail to incorporate such respect for others cannot be considered substantively useful in any ongoing, meaningfully salutary dialogue on our evolving human condition. Incorporating works that address sex and identity that also expands these historical movements into economic, philosophical and political considerations, Fluid Bound interrogates the insufficient explanations that purely subjective polities offer for how the one become the many.

Press contact:
Michael Workman,