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Digital Genitals screened at Wonderlust in Helsinki!

Wonderlust is a festival -5/6/2016 in Suvilahti, Helsinki celebrating diverse and conscious sexuality. Bringing together straights and queers, sex activists and curious neophytes, kinks and shy ones, Wonderlust serves as a hub for a diverse community. It also invites those, who haven’t considered being part of a sex festival before. In 2016, Vex Ashley will be starring Wonderlust.

New Perspectives in Pornography: Screening curated by Vex Ashley

Showcasing how, in today’s digital world, independent creators are subverting, expanding and pushing the boundaries of what porn is and can be.

With the fall of big porn budgets established companies are still repeating a tried and tested formula. The monopoly of the “free porn” tube sites has influenced our perspective of porn and often when people think ‘porn’ – their idea is limited to only of what is on the first page of a tube site. But with the growing accessibility of video equipment and the rise of communities on social media, independent, amateur and DIY creators who make and share porn are on the rise. They’re exploring relatively uncharted territory as porn is often considered to be synonymous with a lack of cultural value. From weird to cinematic to political or intensely personal, sex on film is being expanded and used in new ways demonstrating the potential for pornography as a medium for ideas, instead of only consumable product.