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(W/HOLE) episodes 1-10

(W/HOLE) explores the incredible potency of queer hedonism, specifically how the authentic performativity of kink and queer porn can evolve trauma into orgasm, and grief into politically radical, transformative, body-based joy. (W/HOLE) investigates the complexity of pleasure, exploring the so-called obscenity of bodies in their most tremendous capacity—their glorious, illicit humanity. Amidst ecstatic water balloon fights, opulent feasts devoured without utensils, narrations of pleasure, lewd hand gestures, densely scored orgies, improvisational performance, and intense kink dynamics, (W/HOLE) proposes a new type of pornography: a world of queer sex that is at once surreally lush and intensely real.

Over the next year, AORTA films will be releasing our feature film (W/HOLE) as a 10-episode set. Comprised of 18 scenes and two additional bonus scenes, this film explores queer pleasure by colliding explicit queer porn, performance art, and dance together create an altogether unique form. These episodes are definitely a bit different from the monthly shorts we’ve been producing—this project explores questions of what is erotic and why and how, and uses both porn and art to showcase the complexity of queer joy. We hope you’ll give it a try with an open mind, and come on this adventure with us as it unfolds over the next year. We plan on supplementing any of the less-explicit episodes with some exceptionally lusty short films. We’ve got your porn cravings covered!

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Episode 9: Overflow

Run Time: 8:47

Shay Knox is overwhelmed by pain, pleasure, and pure sensation.

Alice the Wolfe binds Knox to a wooden column in the middle of a dimly-lit space. She kisses them gently, and drips hot wax onto their skin. Parts Authority enters, bringing ice cubes to trace over Knox’s chest and arms. Knox shivers with pleasure as Parts kneels down to fuck them with gloved hands. Papi Femme appears with a knife, which he deftly runs over Knox’s body as their eyes roll back in their head. Erykah Ohm snaps rubber bands sharply on their skin, and then the group brings Knox to climax with hands and hitachi.

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Created by
AORTA films in collaboration with the A.O. Movement Collective

Directed by
Mahx Capacity

Parts Authority, Trouble Clef, Papi Femme, Special Guest, Shay Knox, Erykah Ohms, the Shape, Evie Snax, Alice the Wolfe, and Ginny Woolf

Cinematography by
Holyrad Studio

Edited and colored by
Lanee Bird

Directors of Photography
Lanee Bird +
Saskia de Borchgrave

Lighting Design by
Daryl Oh

Original Score by
Wet Henry

Costume Consultant
Papi Femme

Commissioned by
the Invisible Dog Art Center

Executive Producer
The Effing Foundation for Sex-Positivity

This work was developed in part, during a residency at Snug Harbor Cultural Center Botanical Garden with additional residency support from Jillian Sweeney and Jeffrey Cranor

Service by
Shane Screams

Production Assistants
Shane Screams + Samantha Naomi

written by Woody Cuntrie

written by Mahx Capacity
developed with reference to essays by Marco Derks and Lori Rowlett

“Moss Bank”
Set Consultant Hot Tears
flowers sponsored by Snapdragon Philly

Associate producer

Special Thanks to AORTA’s
Benefactors Circle Jerk
Cuntry Rode, Virginia Creeper, SAS, analmosh, Daemonumx, Dewey Decibal, K.D. Lingus, Jessie Dress, Rosie Deadpan, MDJG, Flint Fist

Special Thanks to our F*CKLAB Researchers
Parts Authority, Kayden Fear, Fluffer #3, Rooster Ray, Liatrice Rex, TopShelf, Ginny Woolf, Amy Gall

Additional Special Thanks to

The Pleasure Chest, Nick Arthur, 888ism.e, Nate Stark

“Broken Glass Ménage”
for SC

Huge Thanks to our Kickstarter Supporters:
Nathaniel David + Anonymous + Mike Videopunk + Sia d'Biggs + N Williams + Courtney Scott + Anonymous + Anonymous + K.D. Lingus + BS + Manuel + Anonymous + Toni&Sion + Anonymous + Jessie Dress + Tai Crimson + Jason Coffman + Niko Tsocanos + Nini + Robert L. O'Hagan + Anonymous + Laura Bickford + Rosie Deadpan + Tina Vaden + Ginny Woolf + Dangerous Ginger + Dewey Decibel + Janaki Kuruppu + Martha Hipley + Jasper Jay + Em Gosnel + Tina Horn + Jasmine Xie + Risa Shoup + Jules Skloot + Anonymous + Anonymous + Kathy Couch + Anonymous + Galactic Butterfly + Mark Goldfield + Anonymous + Chad Frisbie + Carrie Z + Larissa Velez-Jackson + Meg Osborn + Emmett Stoffer + Anonymous + Anonymous + Anonymous + Queer Column Tie + wbm + Stew Walker + Smurfix + NA + GrowNan Rogaine-berg (Jonah) + Julius Beaver + Alex Giga + G Morgan + Jordan Morley + Mats Johansson + Anonymous + Alex G. + Will Dawson + Sarah White-Ayón + Lindsay Clark + Anonymous + Mystery Man + Sherri + Anonymous + leftcoaster + Kit Stubbs, Ph.D. + Anonymous + Sara Jane Stoner + Fuckault + Ze4os + Alex Rodabaugh +
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