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Community Hardcore

Celebrating the incredible breadth of hot queer porn made by independent content creators, 


Created by independent content creators and curated by AORTA films, Community Hardcore is a new clip library made for queers by queers. We’re creating an alternative to the long scroll through mainstream sites in search of something to get you off that doesn’t also make you cringe. Here you’ll find everything from IRL couples to heavy BDSM sessions and solo JO clips to HD orgies, featuring all types of queers, bodies, kinks, and scenes with new clips added regularly! Every clip is ethically sourced, so you can rest assured that these creators are being paid for their work and represented the way they want to be. Meet your next #porncrush, find the content you crave, and lose yourself in Community Hardcore.

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"Party in Pink" by Kissmedeadly Doll

A candid peek inside some Mommy play time between BobbylaBottom (they/them) & Kissmedeadlydoll (she/her). Mommy knows what’s best for Bobby.. rope bondage of course! They need to be still in their time out so that Mommy can play a little game called ask before you cum. Bobby is so excited by this game they start squirting all over Mommy’s favorite stool.. plot twist!..the shame of it all makes them cum & squirt even harder!

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Some nights when Keith Eros is all alone he becomes so whiny. This was one of those nights. Keith is fully clothed and takes out a dildo to keep his whiny mouth busy. He sucks and licks…
Collared, locked in chastity, and with my big dumb pink plastic lips, I’m the perfect bimbo fuckdoll ready to have my mouth explored and used.
“What a Freaking Nerd! This Little Dweeb needs to be Slut-Bullied by a Mean Girl Like Me!”
Haskell Holland’s FIRST EVER on camera threesome and double pussy penetration scene is finally here…
Golden hour fades and 2 hot queers rush home to get their fill of each other.
I wanted to think of a new perspective for my next squirting vid, so I decided standing over you might be hot…
I’m surrendering my gold star in the name of sexual exploration!
Mommy Dove is looking like an angel and using a fuck machine till she cums hard.
Rising pornstar Jamal Phoenix is getting a hot merciless pounding from sexy British bear Johny Walker.