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Bunny gets chased and caught by a big ol gator, and it’s a fuckin bl()()dbath. The freaks get assistance from the accessibility rats as they fuck till dawn in the florida wilds

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FeaturingSwamp Daddy as Gator
Evie Snax as Bunny
Chipmunk & Blossom as Rats
Camera, Lighting and EditingBreign
AssistantNude Lipkin-Lemay



Runtime: 9:18

At first meeting, Evie Snax knew there was something special about Swamp Daddy, but it was years later when they saw eye-to-eye. Soon after finally sniffing each other out, they organically became Gator and Bunny. Gator’s bossy power a perfect compliment to Bunny’s willing receptiveness, fantasy role play became the drug of choice. Their friends watched in awe as their sex opened up portals, drawing them into a twisted tale of carnal lust between two animals in a Florida swamp. Together they indulge in a magical alternative world, captured here by photographer Ian Clontz wearing their own papier-mâché costuming. Furry primal play provided a window through which to explore Dominant/submissive play by giving into desire freely and without judgment. Running feral and feeling limitless, they fuck in the dirt and under the stars.


Swamp Daddy (they/them) is a multidisciplinary freak living out in the North Florida Wilds. They love collaborating with other art genius’ and hand-making animal masks to use in film and photo.

Website / Instagram @Shooglet and @Shoogsart


Evie Snax is a biracial artist, sex worker, and queer porn enthusiast based in Philadelphia. Harnessing the power of vibrant color, love of technology, and magic of craft, their immersive multimedia art spans moving image, public art, zines, interactive installations, and social practice. A co-founder of Hot Bits Film Fest, they collaborate to produce opportunities to watch fantastic queer porn in public, gather, cruise, and present otherwise underrepresented art/film for all.

Website / Instagram @slutsnax

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