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About being together in our longings, our pain and the total stillness

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StarringCaritia, Beinggg, Ambrita Sunshine, Mad Kate, Sadie Lune, and Oona
CameraImmo Heat
Camera assistantJulian Curico

Assistant director &
set design
Helena Sofía
Written, directed and edited byMarit Östberg
Editing consultantJasco Viefhues
CaregiverVassilia Kaga
CateringMylo Dylan
SoundSky Deep
StillsAlexa Vachon
MusicToni Karat, Sara Parkman and Shannon Sea


Runtime: 14:02

Hold is a film about the dynamics of intimacy in BDSM. About being together in our longings, our pain and the total stillness. Hold was winner of the Fetish Film Competition at Pornfilmfestival Berlin 2021, and won Best Experimental Short at CineKink, New York 2022

MARIT Östberg

photo by Toni Karat

Marit Östberg is a filmmaker, visual artist and writer. She is thankful for the rooms that has opened up since she started to make films 14 years ago. Working with explicit films in collaborations with queer communities has made it possible to explore intimacy, sexualities and bodies in a collective way. She honors the precious moment that aries when a film is being made, filmmaking can be a way to play with, and try to expand, the possibilities of being in the world.

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