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Monster Dykë

A transgender sculptress, unhappy with her experiences dating men, has a lesbian awakening when her sculpture comes to life and rocks her world.

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The SculptressKaye Adelaide
Andromedaas herself
BrettColin Lloyd
Written, Directed, Edited, and Produced byKaye Adelaide & 
Mariel Sharp
Director of PhotographyNaomi Silver-Vézina
Production Designer Stephanie Burbano
PuppeteerStephanie Burbano
Original MusicKue Varo
Monster Build TeamKaye Adelaide, Stephanie Burbano, Mariel Sharp, and Marie Polychuck


Runtime: 4:25

MONSTER DYKË is a short queer, erotic horror-comedy that follows a sculptress, a trans woman in her late 20s, who gets caught up working late one night in her studio. She drags on her cigarette and listens to her voicemail messages. Brett, her latest hookup, called; he’s wondering whether she’s coming over. Annoyed, the sculptress gets back to work on her creation: a life-sized monster made of clay. When Andromeda comes to life, things get hot and wet.

Kaye Adelaide & Mariel Sharp

Mariel Sharp
Co-Writer/ Co-Producer / Co-Director

Mariel Sharp is a producer, writer and director based in Montréal, QC. Mariel has produced six critically acclaimed short genre films which have played at over 60 international film festivals, as well as her first feature, Bleed With Me (directed by Amelia Moses). Mariel’s work has been supported by the Telefilm Talent to Watch program, the SODEC Jeunes Createurs Development program, WIFTV’s From Our Dark Side incubator program, the BANFF Diversity of Voices initiative, and the BMFF Creator’s Coven. As a producer, Mariel believes in empowering diverse voices and the unique potential of genre cinema as a vehicle for social change.

Kaye Adelaide
Lead Actress/ Co-Writer/ Co-Producer/ Co-Director

Kaye Adelaide is a writer, director, producer, and visual artist, based in Montreal QC. Kaye is always writing. Her notable accomplishments include writing four feature films, over a dozen shorts, as well as an embarrassment of existential poetry. Kaye’s writing has been supported by SODEC, WIFTV’s From Our Dark Side Program, and the Diversity of Voices Initiative at the Banff World Media Festival. Creatively, Kaye draws from her life experience as an out and fabulous transgender lesbian. With a flare for humour, Kaye tackles poignant themes facing the queer community through a genre lens.