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Stigmatised Protagonist fights through all the faces of his own frustration on the way to become a Pearl.

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DirectorsEdmund Krempiński & Jakub Dylewski
CastEdmund Krempiński
Jorge Benavides
Izabela Pabich
Marzena Przybyła
Justyna Lipowska
Izabela Stolarek
Witold Krempiński
Arkadiusz Typkiewicz
Franciszek Vetulani
Jakub Gola
Łukasz Kosela
Tomasz Czerwień
Dawid Krawczyk
Bartosz Bartkowski
Sebastian Drużyński
Natalia Różycka
Mati Kordas
Tomasz Baran
Rafał Domagała
ScriptEdmund Krempiński
Jakub Dylewski
Script translation
Edmund Krempiński
Alicja Uwarow
Director of PhotographyJakub Dylewski
EditingTomasz Kajetan Naruszewicz
Music ComposerTymoteusz Karaś-Tęcza
Production DesignRafał Domagała
Tomasz Baran
SoundJakub Dudek
Costume DesignTomasz Dutka
Anastasiia Kovalenko
GafferGrzegorz Kraczla
ElectricTytus Diakun
Izabela Koprowska
MakeupAnna Szybalska
Ewa Kostrzon
Camera AssistantDoriana Agacińska
Anthony Woodley
Sound PostproductionJacek Feliks
ColoristJakub Dylewski
Animation 3DSasa Lubińska
Editing AssistantMarta Ossowska
ProductionASP Kraków
Executive ProducerEdmund Krempiński
Jakub Dylewski
Art SupervisorRobert Sowa
Thanks toLula Pink sex boutique
Farma Burgerownia Roślinna
Bartosz Bartkowski
Natalia Różycka
Izabela Pabich
Witold Krempiński
Sebastian Drużyński



Runtime: 17:50

EDGE – the film based on the true story of the main character – Edmund, who deals with various forms of frustration rooted in life as a transgender person in a highly oppressive society. It consists of a series of absurd psychomagical acts leading to the final liberation and allegorical transition into the pearl. In order to create safe space to deal with traumas, Edmund’s family and friends were engaged in this process. The aim was not only to create the right therapeutic conditions for the main actor but also for the viewers dealing with similar issues – both by creating the representation and normalization of transgender bodies and sexuality.

Edmund Krempinski

Edmund Krempiński (he/him, 1998) is transgender queer performer, visual artist and actor based in Łódź, Poland. The graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków (MA). His praxis consisting mostly of performance and video is based on his own body, which he considers as his primal medium. Inspired by inner life – traumas, fantasies, sexuality and nostalgia, he creates both quirky and serious artworks aesthetically immersed in camp, pornography and pop culture. In April 2023 he became first openly transgender actor employed in polish public theatre (Teatr Nowy in Łódź). Laureate of art critics’ prize on 14. edition of exhibition The Esteemed Graduates of Polish Academies of Fine Arts (Najlepsze Dyplomy 2022).

Instagram @eros___6_9/

Jacob Dylewski

Jakub Dylewski (he/him, 1994) is the cinematographer and visual artist working mostly on films and gallery installations. He graduated as cinematographer from prestigious Lodz Film School. He’s collaborating with directors and artists from different disciplines creating space for experiments, research beyond genres, vulnerability and healing. His works were presented in Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw, MS1 Museum of Art in Łódź and Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw where he was awarded for the best exhibition in Project Room competition in 2019. His recent work, short film EDGE, created with transgender actor and performer Edmund Krempiński was recognised by the polish critics as the most interesting work from emerging polish artists in 2023 (The Esteemed Graduates of Polish Academies of Fine Arts 2023). It was also awarded on Queer Lisboa Film Festival, Short Waves, PFF Vienna, PFF Barcelona and presented worldwide at film festivals.

Instagram @jakub.dylewski/

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