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Jewel Tones


AN All BIPOC femme beatdown for one lucky babe

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PerformersAshley Paige, Azalea Trix, and Valentine Vonbettie
EditingPrince Poison


Run Time: 15:02

Ashley Paige (she/her) and Valentine (she/her) team up in this all Black, all queer, all femme beatdown. Non-binary babe Azalea Trix (they/them) can’t suppress the grins, giggles and moans as they take everything these power femmes deliver. Ashley and Valentine Vonbettie take their time warming Azalea up with hands, fists, and a cane, before spit roasting them into oblivion. Azalea Trix is in for a night of indulgent queer lust they’ll be replaying in their mind for weeks!

Prince Poison AKA Azalea Trix

Prince Poison AKA Azalea Trix (they/them) is a thick, Black, queer, nonbinary, neurodivergent and disabled human. They created ColorBlock Films as a celebration of queer sexuality, a place for challenging dominant narratives about queer sex and kink, a creative outlet to express the joy in sexuality, and a rejection of mainstream beauty hierarchies. ColorBlock Films celebrates sexuality in its myriad forms while centering the experiences of LGBTQIA+ BIPOC, disabled and neuro-divergent folks, and bodies of all sizes.

Pronouns: they/them
Website / Website / Instagram @coloblock_films / Twitter @Colorblockfilms