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Pet training Vol.2

Daddy ties my knees, puts a plug in me, and whips me until my ass is very red. Will I be a good little bitch now?

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PerformersEstigia & Dorian
Edit and CameraEstigia


Runtime: 10:59

Daddy trains me to be a good little bitch, ties my knees, puts a plug in me, gags me with my bone, and whips me until my ass is very red. Will I be a good little bitch now?

Dorian trains Estigia to be a good submissive, at the beginning she is like a puppy, rebellious and disobedient, so Dorian will have to exercise discipline against her. Ropes, whipping, and a good red ass is always a good combination.


Who is Estigia? (She & Neutra) A girl of 24 years old, of Brazilian origin, she has grown up all her life in Gran Canaria, but now she lives in Barcelona. She is mainly dedicated to the creation of adult content, more focused on bdsm and fetish world. She also practices bdsm in her personal life, as she is a primal submissive with collar. What she wants most is to transmit her pleasure through her content, that the viewer can also feel what he is seeing, that he enjoys it. And above all, she wants them to see that it is possible not to have a normative body and enjoy that pleasure.

Dorian (He) is a simple guy of 36 years old, living in Barcelona, in his daily life is not dedicated to porn but from time to time he likes to make content with Estigia.he enjoys recording content that reflects his daily sexuality. as for bdsm sessions he does not like it to be a planned session, he likes to improvise and that everything flows, that’s how real videos come out, being ourselves. He calls himself a Dominant, in the primal branch, with sadistic touches.