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Welcome to the pain pen

Welcome to the pain pen!

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StarringGizelle Lane Fidget Dapupp


Runtime: 10:08

I take a delicious beating from mistress Gizelle with a hot stingy waxy surprise. They use all kinda of toys to give me my masochistic thrills. From the shiny pink paddle to the long black tawse. I whine and kick about but keep taking each hit with more anticipation. Please cum watch my pleasure unfold.

Fidget Dapupp

Hi I’m Fidget Dapupp (they/them). I’m a switchy puppy who likes to clown around. Come pet me, walk me, or play with me! I’ll do tricks for treats!!

OnlyFans / Fansly
Twitter @xswitchylilpup / Instagram @xswitchylittlepuppx

Gizelle Lane / performer
Instagram @gizellelane