Luna Has Two Mommies

Mommies Azalea and Dove teach babygirl Luna that two is better than one.

Runtime: 17:59

A sweet and playful suckling session between Mommy Azalea (she/they) and babygirl Luna (they) leads to a big surprise. Luna’s getting a second mommy! Welcoming Mommy Dove (she/they), a wide-eyed Luna learns all about their new mommy’s cock. The mommies have lots to teach Luna, and it’s all hands-on-learning! After fucking Luna on the couch, the mommies reward their babygirl with showers and a sudsy bedtime bath.



StarringLuna Bella Suárez, Azalea Trix, and Dove
DirectorPapi Femme
ProducerMahx Capacity
Assistant Producer Papi Femme
Director of PhotographyJulia C. Moses
Camera Assistant/GafferSarrah Danziger
PAMahx Capacity
CookJamie Joy
Editor and ColoristJaysen Drake
ComposerRyan Natsis
Conceived byPapi Femme, Luna Bella Suárez, Azalea Trix, and Dove


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