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Pleasure has infinite dimensions. Which one will Jamie and Ze meet in?

Runtime: 8:10

We find Jamie Joy tucked away in a candlelit closet, an altar of toys arranged by their side. They begin a self-seduction, but they’re not alone. As Jamie teases themself with long sharp claws, they are visited by a powerful vision of Ze Royale. Jamie pours hot candle wax onto their claw-marked skin and works their pussy with a glass dildo—or is it Ze’s interdimensional dick? With the power of their fantasy—and a Magic Wand—Jamie is transported by an otherworldly orgasm.


StarringJamie Joy and Ze Royale
DirectorMahx Capacity
Director of PhotographyLanee Bird
Camera Assistant/GafferJulia C. Moses
Set ServicePapi Femme and Chip Matsuda
Editor and ColoristThe Soft Gaze
ComposerPaleo Pony a.k.a. Jonah Rosenberg
Conceived byJamie Joy, Ze Royale, and Mahx Capacity