Pretty in Pink Latex

CAT GOLD proves what a good little painslut in latex they can be
for their Daddy, Papi Femme

Runtime: 21:14

Papi Femme knows how to make his sweet plaything squirm. After brushing Cat Gold’s long blond hair and making sure they look oh so pretty for Daddy, Papi (he/him) showers Cat (they/them) with a sparkly combination of punishment and praise, making sure Cat gets used like the good toy they are. A hairbrush, a paddle, a cane, late gloves, and Daddy’s wet cock: what more could a painslut like Cat want? Besides Papi’s fist, that is…


StarringPapi Femme & Cat Gold
DirectorMahx Capacity
ProducerMahx Capacity
Assistant Producer Papi Femme
Director of PhotographyJulia C. Moses
Camera Assistant/GafferSarrah Danziger
PAJamie Joy
Video & Sound Editor; ColoristJaysen Drake
ComposerFrankie Winter
Conceived byPapi Femme & Cat Gold


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