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Editing jerk-off diaries gets Gem so hard, they can’t help but ride their favorite vibe.

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Created byGem Cut


Runtime: 6:39

It’s a hot June day and they should be editing audio jerk-off diaries, but thinking about someone filling them up has Gem hot n bothered. They can’t help but ride their favorite vibe, fantasizing about someone gripping their hips and pumping….

Oh do you like to watch? That’s so good, baby. Sit at the foot of their bed and drool over their bouncing ass and hard cock. Outside the window summer’s throbbing—dirt bikes, Power99 radio, come-ons—but if you listen close you can still hear their cunt sloppy on the humming vibe.


Gem Cut (they/them) is a gender-fucked fagdyke, smut peddler, writer, and aurally-fixated flirt. Hot for leather, utility, pickups, and a strong hand, they’re jacking off in the archive and cruising utopia.

OnlyFans / ManyVids
Twitter @gem_smut / Instagram @gem.smut

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