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Commercial work-for-hire collaborations with sex- and sexuality-focused projects, AORTAx creates dynamic erotic content for documentaries, brands, music videos, fashion campaigns, commercials, and more.

Developed alongside deep practices of safety and consent, intimacy coaching, and ethical performer support, AORTAx brings extensive experience creating explicit content to commercial and non-profit partners and projects.

To discuss a potential project, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, or email us at [email protected].


Music Video for CONTRACULT Collective’s “Hogtied”

AORTAx brings crisp, elevated studio production to New York’s fetish underground in CONTRACULT Collective’s first single, “Hogtied.” With stylistic references to Madonna’s “Justify My Love” and de Palma’s “Carrie”, “Hogtied” harnesses the raw erotic energy of its dungeon setting. Entering an underground club, SVART finds himself in the crosshairs of two dommes. Winding his way deeper into the dungeon, SVART submits to their ceremony.

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