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AORTA films offers workshops, talks, screenings and more designed to pull queer porn out of the digital ether and ground it in our bodies, exploring embodiment as a part of personal porn, pleasure, and body-liberation practices.

Workshops like AORTA’s F*CKLAB invite providers, porn performers, and kink practitioners to get experimental with improvisational movement scores and structures. Talks and panels offer deeper insight into AORTA’s working process, and take AORTA’s work on the road to connect with new communities. And events and parties offer occasions to gather as queer community and all get hot and bothered.


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Available Offerings

AORTA films presents: F*CKLAB

AORTA films’ F*CKLAB is for kinksters, movers, sex workers, and porn performers. It offers participants a chance to get experimental with their accumulated body knowledge, build new skill sets, and develop a shared practice around explicit embodiment.

What does it mean to build a rehearsal practice for pornography? What does an enthusiastically consensual practice look like when sexually explicit bodies, states, and actions are centered? How can kink dynamics, orgasm, gender, identity, eroticism, and sex acts be used as choreographic and improvisational tools. Somewhere between a rehearsal, a research group, and a play party, F*CKLAB investigates the negotiation of pornographic embodiment as an anti-oppressive, feminist, and trans-inclusive practice rooted in femme care-taking and risk.

To express interest in joining our current F*CKLAB practice, please email [email protected] and introduce yourself and let us know why you think you’d be a good fit. If you are a presenter, programer, or curator who would like to bring F*CKLAB to your space or host a workshop, please feel free to reach out to us at the email address above!

AORTA films has also occasionally used explorations from F*CKLAB as the basis for explorations within specific films. Check them out here:

Put AORTA on your porn panel!

Are you looking to add porn workers to your upcoming panel on pornography, kink, sexuality, or sex work? We’re happy to connect you with the right creators and performers to help bring your engagement to life. Email us at [email protected], and tell us what you’re looking for! 

Lectures, Screenings, and Speaking Engagements

At AORTA films we’re all big porn nerds, and we LOVE getting to talk about sexuality, embodiment, kink, consent, safer sex practices, filmmaking, sex work, experimental performance, and more! Bring us to your college, organization, or event, and we’ll work with you to craft an engagement to suit your needs and budget. We love getting to talk about our work and screen films with new audiences. Email us at [email protected] – we’re excited to hear from you!

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