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Behind the Scenes: November ’22 Shoot!

Behind the Scenes: November ’22 Shoot! Hi crushes!We just got back from our shoot and WOW did we have a blast! We shot 5 films over the course of three days (with a travel day on either end), and had an absolute blast making some ridiculously hot new films. We shot with our biggest and most talented team yet–5 performers (Priestex, Dulce Fuego, Dee Darkholme, Empress Wu, and Mia Secreto), a DP and Gaffer team (Julia C Moses and Kenzi Crash), Sound Tech (Sunshine), Director/Intimacy Coordinator team (Mahx Capacity and Papi Femme), a set service person (Beau Flex), and a… Read More »Behind the Scenes: November ’22 Shoot!

AORTA films announces award-winning author Carmen Maria Machado as the inaugural guest artist in the queer porn studio's new Induction Series


Award-winning, queer author Carmen Maria Machado will collaborate with indie queer porn studio AORTA films as the writer of a not yet titled multifaceted project as part of the studio’s “Induction Series.” Premiering as a collection, the project will…

Introducing: BEDDED I

Happy June and happy Pride!
I’m cooped up inside, feeling blue about the loss of my impending summer, the lack of touch, and the heartbreak and rage at all that’s so deeply and infuriatingly wrong with this present moment. At the same time, I’m feeling excited to announce AORTA’s first-ever BEDDED festival…

AORTA films transition statement

When we (Parts Authority, Mahx Capacity, and Ginny Woolf) founded AORTA films in 2015, our deep friendship and queer intimacy was at the heart of our work together. We wanted to make…

AORTA films at TLVfest

Earlier this year, AORTA films was approached by the Berlin Porn Film Festival about having our film “FULL” which they had previously screened included in a program of their creation for TLVfest, the Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival. After learning…

P( )rn Theory 3 (manifesto in 10 parts)

This manifesto was first performed live as part of CATCH COIL III at the Invisible Dog in Brooklyn, NY on January 15th. Video edited by Mahx Capacity, and performed by Mahx Capacity, Ginny Woolf, and Parts Authority.

Porn/Performance Manifesto 1

Performance and pornography have analogous power: they use human bodies to trigger instantaneous responses in the viewer that are visceral and uncontrollably authentic. These responses precede language, social constructs, and projected identity. Our bodies react before we have time to respond the way we ‘should’, sending us scrambling to contain the dissonance between our reaction and who we thought we were…