Flames light the way for Ze, Jamie, Bud, Ero, Garnet, and CAT.

Runtime: 7:56

The winter sun sets on our ensemble of performers as they venture into the forest for one last night together, shedding layers as they walk through the trees. Tending a fire in the dark of night, we watch across the flames as they turn to each other for warmth. As the cold sets in, they turn up the heat, and we enjoy a voyeuristic view of sensual makeouts and fireplay.



StarringCat Gold, Jamie Joy, Garnet Lake, Bud Lite, Ze Royale, and Ero Rose
DirectorMahx Capacity
Director of PhotographyLanee Bird
PA/Camera AssistantJulia C. Moses
Set ServicePapi Femme and Chip Matsuda
Editor and ColoristLanee Bird
Conceived byCat Gold, Jamie Joy, Garnet Lake, Bud Lite, Ze Royale, Ero Rose, and Mahx Capacity


BIPOC | Black | Bud Lite | campfire | Cat Gold | ecosexual | Ero Rose | exhibitionism | festival featured | fire play | Garnet Lake | gnc | group | Jamie Joy | kissing | makeout | nature | no sex | nonbinary | orgy | outdoor | softcore | t4t | trans | Ze Royale