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Documenting Desire: Play-by-Play

Want to see even more of your favorite performers?

Runtime: 19:55

Get up close and personal with Bishop Black, Jiz Lee and Ginny Woolf, as they negotiate a scene, get ready, and get a little silly. These three playful babes have had a long weekend in Berlin watching fabulous porn and exploring the city, and they just wanna relaxxx. Take a behind-the-scenes peak into their world and get to know them a little better, as they get to know their way around each other. 



StarringBishop Black, Jiz Lee, and Ginny Woolf
DirectorMahx Capacity
Director of PhotographyLanee Bird
Editor and ColoristLanee Bird
ComposerPaleo Pony aka Jonah Rosenberg
Still PhotosAnal Mosh